Day 6

Miles Today: ~20 (in Jeep)
Miles Total: 1253.9 (only counting RV miles here)
Weather: Sunny, mid-80s
Days in a row seeing a cow: didn’t see one today (that we could remember)
Today was Disneyland (!  Taylor didn’t even make it through the first ride before puking…that would be the ride to the park. Just as I was about to turn into the parking lot, Taylor puked all over the back of the Jeep.  So, we went back to the RV park, changed Taylor, cleaned up the Jeep and went back to disneyland.  After the puking event, we left all of the windows off of the jeep to help air things out.
The crowds at Disneyland were on the light to moderate side. A few more people than the other parks although we still ddin’t wait in line longer than 20 minutes or so (but we did fastpass Splash Mountain that had a 90 minute wait, and skipped the new space mountain because of a 60 minute wait). Taylor is big enough to go on almost all of the rides (including space mountain).  We took her on splash mountain where she said "That was really fun" when she got off, however it was followed by a "Let’s not do that one again".  Took her on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and she didn’t really like it, so I don’t think Space Mountain is going to happen this time around.
When we picked up the tickets today, the lady noticed that it was my birthday in a couple of days, so she gave me an "it’s my birthday" sticker.  So, I had people saying happy birthday to me all day long.  Tigger got a whole bunch of people to sing happy birthday to me, and I got free pudding w/lunch today – pretty cool.
Theme parks are starting to get old after 3 straight days – only 2 more to go. We can get an early entry to Disney tomorrow, so we’ll use that and do space mountain and the other parts of the park we missed today.

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