Day 4

Miles Today: ~120 (in Jeep)
Miles Total: 1253.9 (only counting RV miles here)
Weather: Sunny, Lower 90s
Days in a row seeing a cow: 4
Since driving for 3 days straight didn’t seem like enough driving, we decided to take the Jeep to Carlsbad (just over an hour away)  today and visit Legoland.  We arrived right as they were opening the doors – it really wasn’t that crowded anyhow.  Most of the rides seemed to be suited for smaller kids, although Melissa did have fun.  Taylor is 40.000001 inches tall with her new platform shoes on, which is good because 40" is one of the height boundaries that they use…she could go on all but two of the rides at the park.  Lines were short, most were less than 15 minutes and the longest we ever waited was about 1/2 hr. After 6p, most of the lines were less than 5 minutes. In fact the long waits weren’t because the lines were long, it was because the rides were slow, and it took a long time to cycle through. There were also a couple of rides where the kids got separated out into a lego play area while the parents stood in line – once the parents got to the front, the kids could come out of the pla area and get on the ride. They had some pretty cool lego creations – a mini New York City, a mini Washington DC, and of course a lego cow (which counts for our cow counter).
Other interesting things today – Kim threw away the mini-broom and dust pan on accident (and the garbage guys came and took it away).  Looks like we are walking distance to the pond and angel stadium, so this would be a good place to stay if you want to watch baseball or hockey.

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