Day 3

Miles Today: 301.1
Miles Total: 1253.9
Weather: Sunny, Lower 90s
Days in a row seeing a cow: 3
Made it today!  After an exciting start to the day, we pulled into Orangeland RV park ( around 1:30p.  Started off (at 6:30a) getting gas before we jumped onto the freeway.  I picked the gas station with the least amount of manuvering room available.  Of course, I pulled too far forward for the pump, so I had to loop around to a different pump.  Once I started pumping the gas, I went back to check out the jeep and noticed that one of the hitch arms had not snapped into place, and a right triangle had been formed by the bars (one straight back from the hitch, the other locked in off at an angle).  The way things looked, I didn’t think the other arm would ever lock into place (would have needed a very sharp right turn). While contemplating this, the fueling tanker for the gas station pulls in and parks right in front of me…well, I check it out and it looks like I’ll have enough room to past it, so I proceed to unhook the jeep while I’m fueling so that we can get it lined up better.  As we are finsihing up with the jeep a second tanker pulls in and parks right next to the first – so now we are stuck (and we just got through hooking up the Jeep).  Well, it turns out the guy just went into the store for a minute and we left shortly after.  As I was getting on to the freeway, I get this bad feeling like I didn’t hook up the safety chains for the jeep because I was distracted by the second tanker.  I have Kim peek out the back, and sure enough, one of them is dragging on the ground. So I pull over just as we were getting on the freeway.  Basically, we made 20 feet of progress toward our destination in 45 minutes.   The next challenge came quite a bit later when we were going up the mountain just before LA.  A cop comes zipping out in front of the traffic and swerved back and forth across all of the lanes, slowing everyone down.  Turns out a truck had broken down and was blocking two of the lanes.  Ended up cutting the corner by taking the Hollywood freeway – about 3/4 of the way through traffic started to back up pretty bad, and it continued to be nasty when we merged back onto I5.  We lost about 1/2 hr due to traffic.
The brake is still firing too much for me, and it gives quite a tug when it does fire.  I set it up w/o the floor mat this morning and it slid around way too much, so I put the mat back in.  I’m starting to get quite a bit of brake dust on the front wheels as well.  On the way back, I’m going to try and decrease the brake pressure to see if that helps out.
Once we got to the park, we got everything set up and then hung out by the pool for a couple of hours.  This seems to be a pretty nice park – the facilities are great.  There are citrus trees all over the place, and they will let you pick the fruit if you want. However, I did go take a shower after going in the pool and the hot water didn’t work in the shower I picked :(.  After I was done, I went and checked another and it seemed to be ok.They also have wireless internet here – $12 for a week.  So now I’m doing these on a real computer.
Since we towed the Jeep all the way down here, we felt obligated to go drive it somewhere for dinner.  Ended up going to a seafood place across the street (walking would have almost been faster). Had some macadamia nut crusted Halibut for dinner, and it was very good.

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  1. Tanker dudes were most likely flipping a coin to see who got to follow you for the next stretch. Loser had to plant cows.

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