Day 2

Miles Today: 504.9
Miles Total: 952.9
Weather: sunny – lower 90s

Got an early start this morning – on the road at 6:45a (15 minutes early!). The drive was pretty uneventful. Some wind near sacramento and a little traffic south of stockton. There was a nasty roll-over accident at the interchange of I580 and I5.

We are staying at Santa Nella RV Park (in Santa Nella). This is an interesting little town – it is a giant truck stop! Even the McDonald’s has overnight truck parking. We unhooked the jeep and drove around the town a bit, and then got some ice cream for dessert.

The brake in the jeep worked a little better today after I made some adjusments, however it still seemed like it went off too frequently. Started off by recalibrating the unit, and then slowly backing to the least sensitive setting. It still fires on rough roads, particularly when coasting down hill. I think it may be because the suspension is so stiff, so everything is getting quite a wild ride back there. Tomorrow, I think i’m going to try and remove the flloor mat – it tends to slide around a bit on the floor, so that may be causing problems.



  1. Prob with Jeep braking might be that the Jeep rolls easier than the motorhome. Excess play in tow bar hookup makes it a little more jerky as it catches up which might fire off your brakes. I noticed that when looking out the rear window when we were field testing your rig. You might also be sure that you exercise your Roadmaster a few times before you start to bleed off as much vacuum from the Jeep brakes as possible. Then you won\’t have the power assist for the brakes screwing up your sensitivity. Two strokes usually did it on mine. Brakes will still go on, but they shouldn\’t be as hard, especially considering your proportional system. Then again, your fance computer controller may compensate for that.Pulling the emergency brake up 1 notch to create a little drag would probably work too, but that would cost you mpg, wear your brakes and be a gomer thing to do. Instead, just drive uphill whereever you go. – Dad –

  2. I think you are in Santa Nella Village. Sante Nella is a small berg near Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco. Looks like a god place to stop. wil have to bookmark that one.

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