Day 1

Miles Today: 447.6
Miles Total: 447.6
Weather: Sunny, Upper 80s

Well, here is the first entry on the big trip to Disneyland. The entries may be a bit more verbose this time – I’m using a Pocket PC with a keyboard.

Left from the house in Anacortes at 8:10a, only 10 minutes later than I wanted. Stopped to top of the gas right before we got onto I5. Traffic was fine until we got lynnwood, at which point I couldn’t set the cruise control again until south of tacoma. After that, things were fine until Portland – a place where the freeway designer had his kid scribble on a piece of paper and then used it for the freeway plans. Once through the maze, it was pretty smooth driving. Quit at rivers west rv park in oregon at around 6p. Would have liked to make it to Medford, but it was a long day as it was.

We are towing the new Jeep. The set up works great when off the freeway, however I think the brake is firing too frequently while on the freeway. I think I’m going to recalibrate the brake tomorrow morning. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then i’m going to adjust the braking sensitivity.

Another long day tomorrow – 500+ miles. Going to get up early and go while the kids are still sleeping. Also, this probably won’t get out till tomorrow sometime because of poor reception.



  1. wow – you are going to be verbose? I thought the most verbose you got was grunting…Posted some pics to my space from our trip to the San Juans if you want to check them out. Some good ones of Melissa in there.Keep the entries up! Your commentary might be funny for the first time ;-)Safe travels

  2. Great description of Portland. We usually use the bypass. The preschool kids who scribbled the I-5 route apparently reached first grade in time to do the bypass. Different scribble, same colors. During the day, we crank up Streets & Trips and guess where you are. You gave us the itch to travel. Spent the day cleaning and priming the roof of the motor home in preparation for final coat tomorrow. If I hurry, we can meet you there! ! ! or not.- Mom & Dad -BTW,Never drop a gallon of primer from the roof of a motor home. When it hits, the lid may not stay on and it can create a mess that can splash all over the motor home and driveway. Or so I have heard. And so have the neighbors heard, too.

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