Day 47, 48, 49

Haven’t updated for a few days…

Tuesday – we went out to the lake and went on heidi and doug’s jet skis. It was a bit windy, but the temperature was hust fine. Taylor loved going out on the jet skis and basically didn’t want to get off. Heidi dumped melissa in once!

Wednesday – hung out at kim and barbs and watched Taylor while kim & melissa went out to visit Kim’s grand parents. Wednesday night we went to heidi and doug’s company picnic. The kids ran around and had a good time. The adults had a quick poker game in which kim and I ended up with all the chips. Unfortunately, we weren’t playing for real money 😦

Thursday – went to lunch out at the golf course and visited Duke and Janine’s condo. In the afternoon, we got ready to hit the road again. That night we went over to heidi and doug’s for bbq dinner, and spent the night in their driveway.


One comment

  1. Is that all? Are you just going to leave all of us hanging, wondering how the last few days of your big trip went? Did you actually make it home???
    We had a great time visiting with you here in Billings! We had better begin planning our big Beartooth Mountain Hike OK!
    Now, please at least finish up and write a brief summary on your BIG TRIP! 🙂

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