Day 42

Miles Today: 164.9

Miles total: 7212

Weather: 50s & 60s

Woke up this morning with a light fog outside. Got moving fairly early as we had lots of sights to see today. Our first stop was at the badlands national park, which was about 45 minutes from where we spent the night. Got to use my national park pass! Just 3 more uses and I break even. We did the “short” loop through the park. Stopped at several of the overlooks and took pictures. It is some pretty amazing geography and you drive right through the heart of it – I would recommend it to anyone passing through south dakota.

The reason that we took the short loop was so we could go have lunch at wall drug. Pulling into town was kind of interesting – the sturgis motorcycle rally is happening this week and there are bikers everywhere. The road in front of wall drug had motorcycles 2 deep down both sides of the road, as well as down the middle, so you got a narrow single lane going in both directions. Wall drug is an interesting place – it really can’t be described any other way.

For the afternoon, we went to Mount Rushmore. Again, tons of bikers around, making parking a bit interesting. When we got to the parking lot, Taylor was asleep, so we took turns walking up to the monument and taking pictures. The monument itself really doesn’t take that long to see.

We are staying at a KOA just west of mount rushmore. The place is packed – almost everyone here is for the bike rally. We got one of the last full hookups. Fortunately our route tomorrow will not take us through Sturgis proper, I’m sure it is a real zoo.

Overall, I have to say that south dakota has exceeded my expectations. Probably could have spent a few days in this area doing different things


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