Day 40

Miles Today: 386.5

Miles Total: 6634

Weather: upper 60s, low 70s Woohoo!

We were actually on the road by 8a this morning. Hit Kansas City around 11a, which was perfect timing – no problems with traffic.

We keep driving by waffle houses and kim has been bugging me to stop and try one. So today we had waffles for lunch. Itfwas basically a smokey diner thar served breakfast all day. My waffle w/blueberry topping was pretty awesome, but hit was a pretty scary place, so we won’t be stopping at any more.

We are spending the night tonight in Council Bluffs, Iowa in a casino RV lot. The kids could not go into the casino restaurant, but we could go to the snack bar at the greyhound track. So, we ate dinner and watched the dogs run. The kids really liked it. I couldn’t believe how fast the dogs actually run. You really have to see it to appreciate it.

The engine is not charging the house batteries again. So, we have to run the generator for the kids to watch TV. Ki may try and rip it apart myself next week when we are in helena.


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