Day 37

Miles Today: 257.9

Miles Total: 5626

Made our way north through Georgia today. Skirted around the east side of Atlanta heading north toward North Carolina. We are staying at the Cherokee KOA just outside the Great Smokey Mountains national park. Getting to the spot was a bit of an adventure – I found the campground using streets and trips, but it wasn’t in the mapping program that I use for the gps. No problem though, I just created a waypoint by comparing the maps. One problem though – S&T had the campground marked in the wrong spot! (not the first time that we’ve seen this). So of course I ignored Kim pointing at the signs and just followed the gps. This took us down a road that was 1 1/2 motorhomes wide, and kept winding higher and higher into the hills with no place to turn around…eventually we came to the end of the road, which did have a spot where we managed to get turned back the other way so we could follow the signs.

As we were pulling into cherokee, there was this really cool stream off on one side of the road. There were people shoulder to shoulder fly fishing – dunno how they kept from tangling each other. Looked like the cowlitz when the steelies are running. The best part – there were “no fishing” signs ever 50 feet…really should have been “no fishing this side”, but it was still funny. Wish i got a pic. When I got to the campsite, I found out that the limit on the reservation is 10 fish a day! Of course, they stock the river twice a week. They still get some nice ones though, the state record brown trout was taken last year (just over 15#).

Dunno where we are going to end up tomorrow. Depends on how long it takes to get through the park. Probably some place in tennessee .


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