Day 36

Weather: 80s and nice!

Location: Macon, GA

Well, we got an ok start this morning cruising up I-75 north. We stopped for lunch in Macon, Georgia. Everyone was still sick so we checked the GPS for a health care clinic and found one a half mile down the road. Two and a half hours later we were done with “dr drug” and had two prescriptions each (antibiotics and cough medicine). They wanted to give Kim a shot in the butt (cortizone), but she was a weenie. So, they gave her a lifetime supply of cipro instead.

after this, we hit the grocery store to fill our prescriptions and get some shopping in at the same time. Since it was now 4p in the afternoon and our plan for the day was totally destroyed, we went looking for a hotel room. The first place was totally booked up – apparently there is some kind of big tennis tournament going on here. The second place had a room for us – so we checked in and laid around waiting for our drugs to start working.


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