Day 35

Miles today: 341.5

Miles total: 5194

Location: Lake Park, GA

On the “extended” network again, so no data coverage. I’ll send this out tomorrow when I get a chance. Everyone is still sick…kind of a bummer.

Put on some miles today. Traffic slowed a bit just south of tampa due to an accident. There were occasional rain showers that would slow down traffic, but otherdthan that it was pretty smooth sailing.

Made it all the way to south georgia. Staying at a pretty nice RV park – eagles roost. Lots of trees and a nice park for the kids.


One comment

  1. Sorry everyone is not feeling well. We are still following along your route in Streets and Trips. I just plugged in Mt Rushmore as your next major stop and will update actual route as you report in. We will not be tracking your proress for the next week or so since we will be off on a more modest trip to the San Juan islands, so don’t go anywhere until we get back.

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