Day 34

Miles Today: 273.6

Miles Total: 4853

Location: Fort Myers

got up a bit early this morning and started the journey toward home. On the way out of the keys, we saw a couple of key deer by the road (an endangered species of deer only found in the keys).

Our route took us along the boarder of the everglades and through the big cypress national preserve. We stopped at the big cypress visitor center for lunch, and on the way out we counted 5 gators in a pond next to it.

We are staying at a snooty RV village resort (cypress grove or something like that). You can only stay here if you have a “modern” RV, and if it is less than 25′ long, you can only stay for one night. Nuisances are not allowed (their word, not mine), and having “smelly seashells” on the lot is specifically called out as banned. Good thing we were trapped inside the RV by the rain – Taylor might qualify as a Nuisance here.


One comment

  1. Hi guys. Sounds like Florida was pretty fun except for a bit of rain. Have a nice trip up the coast. I have enjoyed reading about the journey. Auntie Heidi

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