Day 32

Weather: 90s and sunny

WooHoo! The site has had over 1000 hits now, so somebody is actually looking at this.

The thunderstorms really rolled through last might. Watched them out the window with the kids for a bit. Then the rain came, and lasted almost all night long. The power kept flickering, which would trip the breaker for the AC, which would wake us up because the rig would heat up to 80 degrees in no time.

Continued our journey out to key west today. It is a hotel night, and we picked the Hyatt. Navigating through the town of key west wa pretty challenging. The streets aren’t very wide, they all have 2-way traffic, and parking is allowed. After winding our way to the hyatt, I had to park in a boat launch parking spot whilr kim went in to talk to the guys. Turns out they didn’t have any room for the rig to park. The boat launch was metered, and I wasn’t about to pay for that. So, we started making phone calls around town and ended up at a Marriott Courtyard.

Spent some time by the pool before walking to dinner at a restaurant across the street. The service was pretty lame.

Everyone is starting to get sick. Melissa started with the crud a couple of days ago, kim wa showing signs yesterday, and I am getting it today. Hopefully it isn’t too nasty.



  1. Hi Guys
    Sounds like you’re having fun. Would I have trouble with my motorhome in Key West? Are you going to head to Nags Head and watch the hurricane?
    Keep the tire side down.

  2. You shouldn’t have any problem getting out to key west with your rig. It may be a challenge getting around the town itself, although we passed some large delivery trucks that may be on the same order as yours. I’d probably stay at a park just outside of town and take your tow rig in.

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