Day 31

Miles today: 166

Miles Total: 4505

weather: 90s and cloudy

Location: Fiesta Key

Hit the everglades today. Stopped at the visitor center on the way in. It had some pretty neat exhibits – taylor loved running around looking at the gators. The place was dead, only a handful of people at the visitors center, and we soon found out why…

As we entered the park, we decided to get an annual pass for the national parks. In the 2 minutes that we had the windows rolled down, a ton of mosquitoes got inside. We moved on to the next stop where we went on a boardwalk around the swamp. There was a small visitor station here as well and the mosquitoes were thick. The interesting thing is that as we moved out into the swamp, the mosquitoes disappeared. While we walked out, we saw a bunch of fish, and some turtles. 1/2 wat through the walk kim asked if that thing over there was a gator – we both had big lenses on our camera and took a look. Sure enough it was! Got some pretty cool pics. Walked a little farther and saw another. And a little beyond that was a third sitting in the brush very close to the walkway. It was pretty cool – we didn’t actually expect to really see any. As we got back to the motorhome we were really slammed with mosquitoes, and a ton got inside when we opened the door. Man, it was miserable. That is why nobody goes here during the wet season.

At this point we drove out to the flamingo visitors center. Melissa and taylor fell asleep on the way out and nobody was motivated to go outside at any of the other stops along the way. I ran into the visitor center for a few minutes, and then went back to the motorhome. Decided it was time to start heading out to the keys.

Made it to the fiesta key and got a spot right on the water at the KOA. Man wa it expensive – $100 for a night. It is a nice park with a boat launch and a small marina. There is a thunderstorm going on outside right now. Tomorrow, we are planning on heading out to key west and staying in a hotel for a couple of days.


One comment

  1. Still doesn’t match our most expensive stay, Campland by the Bay in San Diego ( Summer rate for Super Site is up to $240 a night! The name says it all! The Super Site is a private site overlooks the bay, has a private Jacuzzi, washer /dryer, gas grill and private phone number. Each site had a private dock as I recall. We choked when we paid $40 for a standard site the day before the Memorial Day crowd arrived and gave up our site to a guy who payed $90. Retiree trasvelling in the off season sure is cheaper! Scnce then I am wary of campground “resorts” with a marina.

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