Day 30

Miles Today: 147.5

Miles Total: 4339

Weather: 90’s and showers

Location: Miami – KOA

It was cloudy out this morning and nobody felt like going to the beach, so we decided to move closer to the everglades today. Went into a few showers while we were driving – it appears that we missed the majority of the nasty ones. There is a tropical depression off of the coast and some pretty nasty rain hit the north side of miami. The depression is heading north toward S Carolina, and the weather guys here say this scenario will set up thunderstorms even though the depression is not going to hit Florida. Also passed through Broward and Dade Counties today, but didn’t see any hanging chads.

Other interesting local news…school starts in a week, and the state suspends sales tax for 9 days on most items <$50. Everyone is bummed because ricky williams quit the dolphins to go smoke pot. Lot of university of miami football stuff going on.

Hanging out at the miami KOA. It is a pretty nice place – good play area for the kids. A decent sized pool, and a pizza place at the park. Used the shower here and they need to invest a bit more in a hot water heater


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