Day 29

Miles Today: 145.6

Miles Total: 4191

Weather: 90s and humid

Location: Nettles Island – jensen beach, FL

Spent about 2 hrs getting the rig ready to go this morning. Amazing how stuff gets sprawled out when sitting in the same place for a bit. Left fort wilderness right at the check out time of 11a. Hit albertsons on the way out of town since we were getting way low on supplies.

Today’s journey was fairly short and mostly took place on the florida turnpike. There has been all kinds of reports on the local news here about the nasty accidents on the turnpike, and sure enough, we passed one – an overturned car pointing the wrong direction blocking both lanes. They were loading someone in an ambulance as we passed.

We are staying at nettles island – it is a community of vacation homes (mostly look like mobile homes) and RV lots. There is a small marina here and access to the ocean. May stay here again tomorrow and hang out at the beach – it is just way hot here. Melissa wants to continue down to the everglades, we’ll figure it out in the morning.

We are going to do our return trip on the fly and slow down a bit. So, we’ll probably be skipping most of the east coast.


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