Day 28

Weather: 90s and humid

Last full day at disney. Checked out of the suite, and 2 hrs of bus rides later, we were back hat the RV. KC had overnighted our mail to us and kim snagged it on the way back. Had lunch at the motorhome, and then jumped on the boat for the magic kingdom.

Once we got to the magic kingdom, we headed to Mickey’s toon town sice we hadn’t been there yet. We jumped on a small roller coaster that taylor was big enough to go on (don’t recall the name). We then went through minnie mouse’s house and followed that up with Mickey’s house and got a picture with mickey at the end.

Hit the buzz lightyear ride again where I was victorious like usual. Played at the arcade for awhile and had dinner at Cinderella’s castle. Went back to the rig and caught the campfire.

Before heading out on the trip, there were many people who wondered aloud to me about 10 days being too much time at disney. Well in retrospect, it was probably the right amount of time. We could have stayed another 10 days and still not seen everything that there is to see. I’m just sick of people – it’s not the kids or the crowds, it is the a very few adults who are just jerks (or plain stupid) that just really annoy the hell out of me.


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