Day 27

Not a ton to write about today. The kids wanted to hang by the pool, and since there were thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon, we did that in the morning. The pool here is pretty big, but it is shallow (mostly 3 1/2 ft deep). There is a short water slide that the kids were really into. Kim did have a “wardrobe malfunction”, but nobody noticed.

Hung out in the room in the afternoon (the thunderstorms never really surfaced). This evening, we had a babysitter come in and watch the kids. Kim and I went to Pleasure Island and had dinner at planet hollywood. Afterwards, we went to a short comedy show. We were back to the room by 10:30 or so.


One comment

  1. Linda had one of those “wardrobe malfunctions” at Lake Charles Louisiana when swinging 2 yr old Mark in the water on the beach in front of the yacht club we recently had joined. Needless to say, we didn’t participate in any club functions after that. Knowing how Mark turned out, perhaps the investigation into that incident should be reopened.

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