Day 25

Weather: 90s and sunny, 80s and rain

Had 9p reservations for fireworks at epcot today. Figured that we only had about 6 hrs of theme park in us, so we hung out around the RV until 3p or so. Kim got the laundry done while I hung out with the kids.

At epcot, we jumped on the spaceship earth ride which was like a mini history tour. Afterwards, we were getting hungry for dinner, so we went to the china section of the park and got chinese food – probably the worst meal since we’ve been here.

As we were leaving the restaurant, it started to rain. Kim and melissa decided to run to Mission: Space because they had it fast passed. Taylor and I decided to hang at the restaurant until the rain stopped. Well, after hanging out for a bit, the rain didn’t stop, so we went out into the rain. Of course that meant it would start raining harder and the lightning and thunder started up pretty good. We took cover inside a shop in the china section. After 15 minutes of waiting for the rain to stop, we bought an umbrella and hit the rain in search of kim and melissa. Now it started raining even harder, with even more lightning. I figured that walking around in a lightning storm holding an umbrella was probably not that smart and stopped at a shop in Norway. I bought some basic mickey mouse ponchos for $6 each. This being Norway, the stores were loaded with helley hansen rain gear – I was to scared to look at how much it cost a disney. Finally headed back in the rain and hooked up with Melissa and Kim.

They said Mission: Space was cool and you couldn’t really tell that you spin around (I don’t do spin rides). They also had picked up a rider swap pass (for people w/kids to small to go on the ride) and told me to go on. The premise of the ride is that you are training for a flight to mars. I’ve never seen a ride give you so many opportunities to bail out. When you get strapped in, you start to worry because the ride comes with barf bags. then they warn you to keep looking forward the whole ride, not to close your eyes or you might experience “extreme disorientation”. The ride uses centrifugal force to simulate take off and several other high-g situations. Came pretty close to puking, but made it all the way through. Between the ride and the crappy chinese food, I felt nasty for quite some time.

After the ride it was still raining and we still had a couple of hours to go until fireworks. We gave up.

Oh yeah, kim made reservations for tomorrow night at the animal kingdom lodge for a snooty suite with a savannah view. It better be good since the nightly rate is more than our entire trip has cost so far. I’ll try and get some pics posted.


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