Day 23

Weather: 90s and humid

Had reservations with a bass fishing guide at 10a this morning (we are down south ya know, gotta hit a nascar race new). Well, we showed up at 10a and they screwed up our reservations. Fortunately they had a guide available and we got on the water about 1/2 hr late. We ran the boat about 20 minutes and pulled into our first spot near the magic kingdom. As we pulled into the spot, I could see a nice bass cruising through – it was only a few feet deep where we stopped. The guide popped open the bait well and his aerator (sp?) was dead, and our live bait was in the process of dying. He swapped out the fuse, and it popped again. So, he through in a portable one and hoped for the best. of course the key to our fishing technique was to have *live* shiners for bait – dead ones don’t work. Within a couple of minutes, I had the first fish on the boat. We stayed at the first spot for about an hour and caught ~20 fish between kim, melissa, and me. At this point we were hot, hot, hot, so we decided to move to another spot just to cool down while the boat was running. The next spot we tied up to a fuel barge in deeper water. Not as good as the first spot – only caught 2-3 fish in 20 minutes. Our final spot was by the old discovery island dock (it used to be a small animal park before they opened up the animal kingdom). Weren’t getting anything right next to the dock so the guide moved us out to deeper water. This is where melissa caught the coolest fish of the trip. She had brought in her line to see if her shiner was still alive – it was. While it was right there on top, one of the biggest fish of the trip nailed it. Only took videos on the trip, and I don’t have a firewire cable with me, so no pics to post.

Stopped at the buffet for lunch (both kim and I are getting sick of the crap food), and then we went back to the RV and just relaxed and read books for a bit while the kids watched tv.

For dinner, we rode our bikes over to the wilderness lodge and had dinner at the artists point restaurant. Dinner was decent, and we rode back to camp in the dark (gets dark here around 8:30p).


One comment

  1. How about shoving a memory stick in your camcorder and use it to take snapshots for us picture starved readers if that’s all you are carrying around!

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