Day 22

Weather: 90s and humid

Another easy day today. 10a reservations for the family magic tour at the magic kingdom. Got up and rushed out the door to get there in time. The tour was very cool – I would highly recommend it for the kids. It was a scavenger hunt to find Captain Hook’s favorite hook. Melissa was the oldest kid, so she got to read the clues to the group as we went around the magic kingdom. When we were finally done, they took us to a special roped off area where peter pan and wendy hung out with our group for awhile (our group was small 8-9 people). At this point, we thought we were done, but we weren’t! Peter Pan and Wendy escorted us through the park to the new Mickey’s Philharmonic Ride (a 3d movie) and sat through the movie with us! The kids all had a blast.

Once that was done, we went to lunch at Cinderella’s castle. The castle actually has a restaurant on the second floor. On the way in, we stopped and talked to cinderella, who didn’t have any line. Unfortunately we did not get a window seat, but it was still pretty cool.

Melissa wanted to go on the indy speedway after lunch. We got there, and it didn’t have a fastpass, so we waited in line for 1/2 hr. It was a pretty short ride and Melissa was bummed. At this point, the day was pretty hot, so we went back and hung out by the rv. After dinner we went to chip and dale’s campfire again and watched toy story 2. Which reminds me – we we did the e-ticket ride night, we found the ultimate ride – the buzz lightyear ride…youhget a score when you are done! So far, kim is winning (she got lucky by finding the one target worth 100,000), so we’ll have to head back and try it some more.



  1. Okay, okay, you are having _way_ too much fun. Oh, and the pictures are excellent. I’ve now realized I need to get a new camera: amazing how aperture can have such an impact.

  2. Have fun picking out a new camera :). I can give you some suggestion s if you like – just come with a deep wallet!

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