Day 20

Weather: 90s and humid

Stupid Tourist souvenirs purchased today: Autograph books and pens, his and hers mickey mouse watches, spray bottle fans.

riding back on the boat right now – it is 1 am, so we’ve had a pretty long day today.

spent the day at the magic kingdom. In the morning we went to adventureland and took the kids on the jungle cruise and pirates of the carribean. Melissa and I set up our fast pass for Splash Mountain before lunch.

Lunch was another buffet. At least there were characters at this one, although tigger and piglet both dogged us. After lunch, Melissa and I went on splash mountain. She closed her eyes when we went down the big drop.

After this we wandered around some more, but all the lines were alk too long. Kim decided that she wanted matching watches since I don’t wear my wedding ring anymore (it doesn’t fit since I lost weight). Once we had them picked out and payed for, the parade was passing by in front of the shop, so we stopped and watched (it was kind of lame – characters going by in snow globes). At this point we headed back to the campsite for dinner.

Tonight we had reservations for the special viewing area for the fireworks and special E-Ticket bands (the bands kept you in the park for 3 hours after the close time, and they kept the “e-ticket” rides open). So, we went back to the park around 8:30 or so. While checking in for our e-ticket bands, the evening parade started. This one was way better than the afternoon one. The seats for the fireworks were ok – there were some trees partially obscuring the view, but we didn’t have to fight for space and had actual chairs to sit on.


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