Day 19

Weather: 80s and showers

Location: Fort Wilderness, Disney World

Today was the big day! We went to disney! Used the trusty GPS to route us to the campground, and of course it took us the super secret back way. Went past some huge estates that made the ones in Southlake look small. After going through what looked like several employee areas, and wondering when the disney cops were going to throw us in jail, we finally found our way into the fort wilderness campground.

The spot is pretty cool – you could probably pu a rig that is 10′ longer in our spot. There is a good amount of vegetation between the sites which helps obscure the other rigs. We did not get one of the top of the line spots – it basically adds cable onto the full hookups. It turns out that there are tons of trees here, so satellite would be a problem in many of the sites. Turns out we can see the sky pretty well here, and get reception ok. I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow and post it.

Once we got the site set up, we went out and explored a little. The campground is so big that they will rent you a golf cart to get around. Our site is in a nice location – everything seems to be within easy walking distance. Went to lunch at “trails end”. It was a buffet, which I don’t like, but at least Disney is pretty anal about keeping the place clean. Checked out the trading post – we are going to need diapers at some point. They were 3 pullups for $4.50 (3 individual, not 3 packages), so hopefully Taylor will be good at telling us when it is time to go. After that we went to the animal petting area and Taylor went on a pony ride. Melissa wanted to go horseback riding, but you need to go to the main lodge which is a shuttle ride away.

After dinner we went to Chip and Dale’s campfire/marshmellow roast. It was pretty cool. The lady who was running the show was nice and really got the kids into it. Kim was sorely disappointed when Chip and Dale came out and they weren’t half naked guys (I did get to observe the marvels of plastic surgery involving large amounts of silicon). Chip came around and shook hands w/melissa and taylor. I think I got some pretty good videos.

One problem that I am having w/the video camera is that condensation keeps forming on the lenses due to the humidity. I think I may try setting it out on the picnic table for 1/2 hr or so tomorrow before going out. Hopefully this will help.



  1. “I did get to observe the marvels of plastic surgery involving large amounts of silicon”
    You spend thousands of $$$ on camera equipment and all I get is text? I need PICTURES!!!!

  2. Mark even got Kim to take the pictures when they were in NY!
    Hope you are having a great time – can’t wait to see the fun pics of the kids at Disneyland.

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