Day 18

Weather: 70s and rain

The rig went in to get fixed this morning. Showed up a little early, but they were ready for me anyhow. Ot the rig back around 3p. They fixed the battery charging problem – apparently a connection was broken loose. They patched it all up. They replaced the door lock assembly for the bathroom door, and now it opens and closes just fine. The bathroom sink had a fitting that was cracked, which they replaced. Poulsbo RV supposedly fixed these two problems – maybe they’ll actually stay fixed this time. The sofa kick panel had also come off, they tacked it back on for me. They also think they figured out the problem with the entry door latch. All this cost me $75 (which was really for the oil change I had them do).

The plan was to hang out by the pool all day while we waited for the rig to get done. Well, the weather sucked, so we were stuck in he hotel room all day long. The kids were troopers though, and really didn’t caus any trouble. After we got the rig back, we went to Chuck E Cheeses for dinner and let them run around for a couple of hours (Kim’s comment – we’re in the entertainment center of the world, and we go to the same old place). Afterwards we went to walmart to stock up on groceries before we headd to disney tomorrow.


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