Day 15

Miles Today: 340.4

Miles total: 3601

Weather: upper 80s, sunny. Lower 70s Thunderstorms

Location: milton, FL

Powered through a bunch of states today – Louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and florida. We were originally going to stop in Mobile, but the weather was kind of crummy, so we kept on going to Florida. We stopped at the KOA in milton – it is a very nice park, although it is a bit close to the freeway.

The drive was pretty interesting today. It started out sunny and hot. As we got to the middle of mississippi, the weather got worse and we were hit with a pretty good thunderstorm with heavy rain. We pulled over for about an hour and ate lunch (see picture). Things seemed better once we were done. After that, we had rain off and on all the way to florida. Going through mobile was pretty scary. The lanes were barely wider than the RV, and the trees/shrubs all seemed to be trimmed by the cars going by. The GPS routed us through a tunnel w/12′ clearance, but I whimped out and wentfa different way (I measured the height of the rig at 11’6″ after the satellite was installed). We saw some dolphins right next to the bridge near pensacola (sp?), FL.pic0019.jpg


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