Day 14

Miles Today: ~340 Miles Total: 3262

Weather: upper 90s, low 100s humid

We are in Dehli, Louisiana and have no data coverage, so, I’ll post this at some point tomorrow (hopefully).

Left McKinney via hwy 380 – hwy 69 so we could avoid the Dallas morning commute. It was an interesting change of pace and we really didn’t go that much slower. East Texas is definitely a much more interesting drive than west texas. There are actually trees and hills!

Louisiana didn’t seem that much different than Texas, except the humidity is quite a bit higher, so it feels way hotter. We are staying at the best western hotel in delhi tonight. When I was videoing the rig in it’s spot for the night, the lens kept fogging up. There have been thunderstorm watches all evening, but nothing has happened except for some ominous looking clouds. The forecast for the next few days of our trip look pretty wet – I just hope it doesn’t get too windy.

Taylor has been a monster sice we arrived tonight. Screaming and yelling in the room. Hitting and throwing stuff at Melissa. At dinner she was screaming, spilled her water, got ranch dressing in her hair – the worst kid moment of the trip (even worse than the grumpy 9 yr olds)

Scott’s turn to be a bonehead today – I clipped the roof of the hotel when pulling in today (see the picture). No serious damage done to the rig or the hotel. Should be able to get the paint off and you’ll hardly know.pic0018.jpg


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