Day 13

Another day as a tourist in the Dallas area. Took melissa, taylor, and maddie to a water park just down the street. The kids had a great time. I sliced my finger open though, and had a hard time getting it to stop bleeding. Everybody also got a bit of a sunburn.

Robin got yelled at today for having us parked on the street. Fortunately we were planning on leaving today. Decided to fill up the water tank, the water tastes fine. Also got rid of our weights – we weren’t using them, and it was another 50 lbs that we could get rid of.

We met kim’s aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin-n-law for dinner in Irving tonight (someone I know was born there). Parking was kinda lame, but dinner was good, and we got to meet with some family! Went home with Brent an Jamie (sp?), and are spending the night in their guest room (see picture). They have a nice house in McKinney, which is N of Dallas.

Called ahead to a dealer in Florida (winter haven? Just n of orlando). We are scheduled to get some warranty work done and an l change on the 19th. We’ll probably stay at a hotel in the area and hang out by the pool while we wait. Hopefully they will be able to get it done in one day – we are supposed to check into ft wilderness on the 20th. Intentionally scheduling the appt early in case we need to order parts.pic0016.jpg


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