Day 11

Miles Today: 331.7 Miles total : 2850

Weather: 90s and sunny

Made it to Robin’s house in southlake, tx. We are planning on using our buffer day here. Nothing terribly exciting happened on the drive today. Taylor was running around with underwear on her head and growling like a monster.

The RV is definitely starting to show some wear. The bathroom door latch is getting harder to operate. The engine is failing to charge the house batteries on a more frequent basis. The “front” of the couch is starting to come off. And the side door latch is occasionally jamming so that it can only be opened from the inside (which is bad if nobody is inside, and the other doors are locked. Hasn’t happened yet). called the dealer in ft worth and they couldn’t squeeze me in while I am here…going to try and call ahead to the florida dealers to see if I can get something set up.

Pretty much have just hung out since I’ve been here. Kids swam all afternoon and evening. Going to read my book and head off to bed pretty soon.



  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! I noticed the weather to be a bit rainy in Texas but probably drying up. We enjoyed Austin – it didn’t seem to be quite as flat. Not sure if you are heading that direction or not.
    Have fun! Hello to Melissa and Taylor too!

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