Day 10

pic0013Miles Today: 397
Miles Total: 2518

Weather: Upper 60s and showers, mid 90s and sunny.

A big thunderstorm rolled through last night after we went to bed. It was loud and we got quite a bit of rain. Didn’t seem to really bug the kids that much.

Got an early start this morning at 6a. It was pretty cool and showery still but nothing to really slow us. Made it into Texas before the kids were even awake.

Texas is a pretty flat place :). Had to stop at a border patrol station – the guy just waved us through, so I guess we don’t match their profile. Our gas mileage is back up to 7.5 mpg since we are only traveling at 70 mph now. Going to try a leg at 65 mph to see how much it improves.

We are staying in odessa texas tonight at the midessa oil patch RV park. This seems to be the nicest park so far. There is a real playground and a nice outdoor pool. Filled the propane here as well. They have a DSL line that I’m going to try and use to post this – the pocket pc can’t seem to make a data connection out here. If I can’t get access, nobody will be seeing this until tomorrow.


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