Day 9

Miles today: 287.7 Miles total: 2121

Weather: low 90s – low 100s, evening lightning

Sitting here watching a lightning storm off to the west while I’m writing this tonight. Really don’t get this kind of weather very often back home, so it is kinda fun to watch. Unfortunately my view is a bit obscured by some trees.

Today was a fairly short day. We made it to Deming, New Mexico. Had some “interesting” wind gusts on the border of Arizona and New Mexico. Got lousy gas mileage on my last fill up – 6.5 mpg. I think this is due to cruising at 75 mph and because I’ve been running the generator so much (at least 2 hrs on that tank). We use the generator quite a bit. Every time we stop, we fire it up to run the big air conditioner.

The big problem in this heat has been the holding tank. Man did it smell ripe today. Once we got to the rv park today, I dumped it, filled it with water, and then filled it again. I’m also trying a new brand of chemical, so hopefully tomorrow won’t be quite as bad.



  1. The generator gets 0 mpg when you are sitting still. Unlike your RV engine, the faster you go, the better the generator phantom “mpg” you will get! The bad news is air drag goes up with the square of velocity so at 75 mph, your RV air drag is almost double the air drag at 55 mph. It’s drag is about the same as a house, because it IS a house! So your RV air drag at 75 mph is roughly about the same as your Porsche…. with a drag parachute deployed! You think it is bad now, wait until you hit a head wind. You may have to downshift to do 55mph. BTW, what have the fuel prices been running?

  2. Just checked your route against the topographic map on my aviation program. You started the day at about 1500 ft and climbed to over 5000 ft in 100 degree weather with winds!!! No wonder you got lousy mileage. Somebody built the south end of the Rocky Mountains in your route. You’ll be hanging around your current 4000-4500 ft altitude for most of tomorrow until about 2:00 PM when you hit where I-10 and I-20 split off, roughly 150 mi east of El Paso. Then you will drop to about 2500 ft (or just a little under the height of Snoqualmie Pass!). The good news is from here on out it’s all downhill to sea level in Florida.

  3. It sounds like yuor having a great time. I would like to ask Mellisa how far it is to Pismo Beach? Keep trucking. Grampa Rudio

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