Day 7

Weather: mid 80s

Played tourist today – went to the Wild Animal Park where we hooked up with Melissa’s friend Dana and her mom. Packed around the camera and three lenses all day – got a bit old after a bit. The park was empty. Apparently thursday during the middle of summer is not the peak season.

Did one of the photo tours with the 3 grumpy nine year olds (ok, they weren’t really grumpy on the photo tour) and dana’s mom. It was pretty cool – they took us on trucks behind the fences and we got to feed the giraffes and rhinos. Saw one of the impalas giving birth, and then saw the baby learning to walk a bit later on.

Harper’s grandmother picked her up from the park, so now we are back down to our regular crew.

This was a very expensive day as well. After the park, kim found a camera store and bought a new camera. Of course she wanted the most expensive one they had, so she bought an EOS 1v.

This led to a “kim is a dork” story. We get back to the motorhome and kim is playing with her new camera. She immediately starts complaining about the auto focus not working. I take the camera and check the lens to make sure it is in AF mode, and it is. I use the camera real quick and it works fine for me, so I give it back to her. She plays with it some more and continues to complain about the AF on her expensive new camera not working. About 5 minutes later she figured out the problem and told me “uh…I took my contacts out”. She put on her glasses and everything worked 🙂


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