Day 6

Miles today: 351.1 Miles total: 1421

Got up early this morning (5:45a) to get a start on the trip down to Escondido. Didn’t do enough prep last night, so I spent a lot of time getting things packed up. Left the site at about 6:45a.

Stopped at a beach near ventura to let the kids run around for a bit. While we were out, a local gave us directions to some petroglyphs in a rock…they were pretty cool.

traffic wasn’t too bad…slowed down a bit just after we got on 405, but nothing really terrible.

Stopped at the canon office in Irvine to drop off Kim’s camera to be fixed. Sounds like it is going to be around 10 days. She is having it shipped to KC when it is done, and KC is going to overnight it to us (if Kim doesn’t buy another one along the way).

The RV park is pretty nice, although it really isn’t set up to hang out at the site. It has a pool for the kids, showers, laundry.

We decided to rent a car since we are tourists for the next couple of days. Used it to go out to dinner tonight. The gps really comes in handy for this kind of stuff.

The 9 yr olds weren’t as grumpy today. We are going to hook up w/dana and her mom tomorrow. So, that will make 3 grumpy 9 yr olds 🙂 dana doesn’t know that harper is with us, so hopefully the surprise will help a bit.



  1. Kim buy the darn camera already and get moving on the pictures. I like pictures although Scott is doing a good job on his commentary. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see y’all.

  2. Hey, Kim…It sounds like more fun than I thought it could be. Buy another camera and keep posting the pixs. They are great. Have fun and I hope you get Taylor potty trained. After this trip, we will need a trip to Cabo.

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