Day 5

Miles today: 199.7 Miles total: 1069 Weather: mid 50s – low 70s, overcast & fog

Went down California 1 today from half moon bay to San Simeon State park. Picked up an extra 9 yr old passenger today – Harper is joining us to San Diego. Her grandmother is going to claim her and fly her back to woodside.

The highway was pretty cool, although much of the landscape was obscured by fog. Harper and melissa were good for the majority of the trip, they just started getting impatient at the end…Never thought I would volunteer for two year old duty so I didn’t have to deal with grumpy 9 year olds.

Saw some cool wildlife today. pulled over at a scenic view and saw a bunch of sea lions lounging on the beach. I think I got some good pictures – I’ll upload some when I get a chance. Once we got to the park, we walked down to the beach and saw some sea otters swimming around. Just as we were about to leave, we saw some whales breaching off in the distance.

Today’s technical problems are with the cameras. The auto focus on kim’s EOS 3 stopped working. After talking with canon tech support, it turns out that there is an authorized canon dealer in Irvine, right off of our route tomorrow. We are going to drop it off and see if they can ship it to orlando for us. On top of that, the roadstor is roasting the cds I put in – I think (hope) it is just a cheap batch of cds. It is making it difficult to free up cards for the other camera.



  1. Reading the Storage forum on DPReview and the portable CD burners (Roadstor, Apacer, etc) can be a little picky with CDs. Unfortuanately, the expensive CDs fared no better than the cheap ones. You can always hook it to your PC and use it as a card reader to transfer your pics. Might not be a bad way to screen CDs since yor PC will recognize the Roadstor as an external device. Run a pack through and keep the good ones for the road and use the others elsewhere. It works faster that way too. If you continue to have problems, I can ship you my Roadstor and/or my 20 gb Magicstor.

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