Day 3

Day 3

Weather: mid 60s – mid 80s

Drove from Lake Shasta to Woodside. We are staying in the guest house at Jim and Carrie’s (friends who used to live in Bellevue). Mileage is out in the rig, so I don’t have it right now. I’ll try to remember it tomorrow (we are hanging out tomorrow, not traveling).

The drive was ok. Went through a small storm of dragonflies just north of Sacramento. Pulled into a gas station just as the low fuel warning light came on – we’ve put in two tanks now with one at 7.9 mpg and one at 7.5 mpg.

First mechanical problem is starting to surface. Sometimes the engine does not start charging the house batteries. The low voltage warning on the inverter powering the tv went off while the engine was running. We fired up the generator for about 1/2 hr. When we shut it off, the alarm almost immediately went off again. The next time we pulled over, I toggled the power to my house batteries and that seemed to fix everything.



  1. Hmm. Could be that your battery isolator is not acting correctly. As a test you could jumper around it. I am sure that there are lots of Winnebago dealers in southern Cal where you could get some warranty work done if need be. Perhaps during your hotel stay in San Diego??

  2. everything seems to be working again. Almost hoping for it to break completely so that it is easier to take in for warranty work.

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