Day 2

Miles today: 354.8

Miles total: 581.7

Weather: central oregon mid 60s and showers. Weather cleared and got hot as we went south. 100 degrees at lake shasta. 9p now, and it is still in the mid 80s.

Sleeping at walmart last night was a bit rough. They are currently expanding the store, so there was all kinds of construction. So, about 4a the street sweeper started doing laps around the rv.

Got on the road about 8a. We stopped at about every other rest area so Taylor could go to the bathroom. Hopefully she’ll be out of diapers by the time we get to disneyworld. Stopped at Grant’s Pass for lunch at McDonald’s. Had their new chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun – wasn’t too bad. Let the kids just play in the play area and eat their lunch when w got back on the road.

Lost the local channels on the satellite when we got into California. The installer told us this would happen, but I didn’t really believe him. Don’t know the technical reason why this would happen.

Got to Lake Shasta around 3:30p and it was hot! Right at 100 degrees when we pulled into the rv park. We had reservations, and ended up with a tree that shaded our spot. Walked down to the lake w/Kim and the kids. The lake itself seemed pretty lame. The level of the lake was quite low, which made it a pain to get down to the water.

After dinner, we walked to the “park”. It turned out to be a single swing set.


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