Day 1

Miles: 226.8 Weather: low 70s, showers

Got on the road a bit late – around 6:00p. Traffic was a bit better than I expected, but it still wasn’t that great. Stopped at a rest area just south of Olympia to make some sandwiches for dinner. While we were making dinner, we got a call from the pet “chip” people – we’d been gone for two hours and the house sitters had already lost one of the dogs (and he had been found). From the rest area we drove to Salem and are spending the night in a walmart parking lot.

The rig is definitely loaded down pretty good. The ride isn’t quite as stiff as it normally is. I need to bump up the tire pressure just a bit. I got the parts from Sears today so that I can hack my compressor so that it can get at the valve stems on both the rear tires.

The satellite dish worked way better on the way down here. We’d lose the signal underneath overpasses, but hardly any other time. The installer screwed up my tv velcro, so it kept sliding all over.


One comment

  1. Hi guys,
    Looks like the adventure is underway! First day and already a route re-plan. That’s what makes it an adventure. Hopefully there will be many more as you discover new “have-to-see” secret spots. Do you intend to periodically update your MS Streets file to show your route updates so we can track your actual path?
    – Mom & Dad –

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