Last Night at Home

Going through the last minute panic drill…We’ve pretty much got everything loaded now. The rig had an oil change, and the satellite dish installed today. The dish seems to work pretty well, although there are too many hills and roads in this region to keep the signal around for long. I suspect it will improve as we head south and the satellite becomes higher in the sky.

Already have altered our plans a bit. Kim spoke with her Aunt in Portland and they are going to be out of town tomorrow night, so now we are going to head down to the Salem area for the first night on our trip. Updated the GPS for this new destination and it looks like a 4 hour drive. Throw in an hour for dinner, and another for Friday traffic, and we probably won’t get in until 10:30p or 11:00p.

I feel like we are forgetting a ton of stuff right now, although I don’t think the rig could actually hold anymore at this point. I guess I’ll just have to rely on the fact that I’ll have my credit card with me and I’ll just buy anything I need down the road.

I’m going to try to keep the blog up to date on a daily basis while I’m out. Probably won’t have internet access for the laptop for a bit, so the Samsung i700 will be getting a bit of a workout.


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