The Rig

Finally found some more time to update the page…The motorhome that we are using for the trip is the 24 foot Winnebago that is shown in the picture here.

We bought the rig from Poulsbo RV in Kent – they pretty much order them loaded with options. So we’ve got a Generator, the “party” package (outdoor stereo), built in FRS radio charger, awning w/electric step, electric mirrors, heat pump, and wash down station. Since we have family in Montana, we had them add heating pads to the holding tanks in case we decide to drive it back during the winter.

So far the only modification we’ve really made has been to rip out the 13″ DC color TV and replace it with a 20″ LCD HDTV. Surprisingly, the HDTV has a huge current draw, so we need to have the engine or genset running (or be plugged in to power) in order to keep the house batteries alive. We’ve got plans for more mods on the way.

You can see the floorplan at:

We’ve also got a ton of gadgets that we are going to be bringing along. We’ll use Microsoft Streets and Trips on a Dell laptop computer to plan our day to day driving (I’ll upload a rough plan route when I get a chance). A Garmin 2610 GPS will be used for navigation while we are driving down the road – originally we planned on using a GPS plugged into a laptop, but the laptop took away too much space on the console so we opted for somegthing a bit smaller. Both Kim and I are camera buffs, so we’ll be bringing our cameras – Canon EOS 1DmkII digital and EOS 3 film, and a ton of lenses.

All I’ve got for now…


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